3 primary keys to victory for the Carolina Panthers at Lions in Week 5

The Carolina Panthers have entered must-win territory.
Frank Reich
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Carolina Panthers must coach more effectively

This has become a theme so far this season and it is getting tiresome.

The Carolina Panthers have a serious coaching problem on offense. While the defense has trudged along and performed admirably - at least against the pass - the other side of the football has consistently lagged behind.

Either Frank Reich needs to open things up or someone else should take over play-calling as it is getting nasty out there on the field.

There is no creativity, no pop, no fire in this offense. It is stagnant, stale, and outdated in almost every way. The Panthers have the pieces to be an explosive team, but they are not being utilized in a way that allows them to use that explosiveness.

With the looming threat of the Detroit Lions' defensive front going against what has been the worst offensive line in the NFL once again, there needs to be a change. Bryce Young cannot sit in the pocket, the protection will not hold up and the hits are starting to take their toll.

Use bootlegs, play action, anything to get Young running away from the pressure and out of the pocket. Attempt quick throws and implement some inventive ideas to a pass-catcher not named Adam Thielen, which everyone is expecting at this point.

Bad offensive lines require creative game planning to mitigate their weakness. That simply has not been the case as of yet.

It is good to have faith in your players but at some point, the writing is on the wall. It really is that simple.

Without a new game plan, this contest will be a long one.