3 reasons the Carolina Panthers should sit Bryce Young for rest of 2023

It's time to start looking long-term where Bryce Young is concerned.

Bryce Young
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Bryce Young's confidence

After coming into the league with a bright smile and beaming ambitions, everything positive seems to be sapping away from quarterback Bryce Young. Not entirely surprising when one considers the Carolina Panthers have won just once in 13 attempts, but it's deeply concerning nonetheless.

This is a critical stage of Young's development from a confidence standpoint. There are countless examples throughout NFL history of inexperienced quarterbacks failing to get back their mojo after disappointing starts. Considering the investment made in the No. 1 overall selection following a bombshell trade with the Chicago Bears, this cannot occur in Carolina.

Young's cutting a forlorn figure these days. He remains accountable and professional while all around him seemingly crumbles. But taking him out of the starting lineup in favor of Andy Dalton reduces the risk of further long-term damage psychologically.

Let Dalton take the heat during four meaningless games. Build back confidence gradually. And most importantly, pray the Panthers get a competent head coach and surround Young with everything he needs to prosper moving forward.

If Young stays on the field - which seems likely unless injury strikes - and has four bad games to finish an already underwhelming rookie campaign, the Panthers have nobody to blame but themselves if the long-term impact lingers. A scenario that would set the franchise back years if it came to fruition.