3 reasons the Carolina Panthers will win vs. Packers in Week 16

Could a seond consecutive win be on the cards in Carolina?

Chuba Hubbard
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Carolina Panthers offense will dominate the run game

After weeks of predicting the offense to get the passing game firing on all or any cylinders, it’s time to pump the breaks on that. Currently, this team's offensive identity is running the football. Fortunately for the Carolina Panthers, the Green Bay Packers run defense is toward the bottom of the entire NFL. 

Green Bay's defense has given up the third most rushing yards in the league with 1,943. This stems from 427 rush attempts with an average of 4.6 yards per carry. Based on these statistics, expect to see the Panthers offense run even more under center formations than they have of late. 

Running back Chuba Hubbard has been dialing up some nice games for the team lately. He’s been the best player on offense for the past three weeks. Over that span, he’s averaged 92.6 rushing yards per game with an average of about four yards per carry. 

Bryce Young has also flashed some scrambling ability the last few weeks, if he can protect himself, he can get the team out of some jams on third down with his legs. The offensive line is much more cut out for a run-first type of offense. It’s shown over the last several weeks. 

The offensive play calls haven’t been perfect by any means, but give some credit to Thomas Brown for incorporating more concepts with Young under center and dedicating to the run game. If his scheme continues to improve, then the Panthers should be able to dominate on running downs.