3 rookie records Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young can break in 2023

Big things are expected of Bryce Young in 2023.
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young could break passer rating record

  • Record holder: Dak Prescott - 104.9

Bryce Young is the total package. Most of his strengths come from within the pocket, but the signal-caller has no trouble improvising when the situation dictates, evading pressure when it arrives, and making things happen on the move.

As stated previously, Young is extremely efficient with the football. He rarely puts it in harm's way and although things are going to be quicker than he's ever experienced before when the regular season begins, his preseason production is enough to suggest he'll more than hold his own in a competitive setting.

The current rookie record for passer rating throughout the season is held by Dak Prescott at 104.9. It's easy to forget what an impact the Mississippi State product made during his first year as Dallas Cowboys QB1 and anything similar from Young would be well received by everyone associated with the Carolina Panthers.

This is another ambitious yet attainable target for Young, who doesn't look like your average rookie either pre-snap or when live fire descends. But if his passer rating is anywhere in the triple digits, it'll be a massive plus.

The Panthers invested a significant amount in Young and want to see an immediate return in some capacity. There will be some times of struggle - which isn't uncommon for those still learning what it takes to succeed - but anyone that's been in close contact with the quarterback throughout his first offseason in Carolina knows what a special individual this is both on and off the field.