3 sizable offseason wins for Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan in 2024

Dan Morgan's navigated his first offseason as general manager well overall.
Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers changed one major narrative

Trading Brian Burns to the New York Giants was an indictment of the previous regime's incompetence more than anything else. Dan Morgan was part of that decision-making process, but he didn't have the final say. All he did was clean up the mess.

To say the Panthers handled Burns' situation poorly would be an understatement. The edge rusher should have been paid immediately after they turned down a whopping trade offer from the Los Angeles Rams. Instead, false promises and failure to reward loyalty left this relationship fractured beyond repair.

This set a dangerous precedent - one that didn't go unnoticed by players and fans alike. Morgan had to shift the narrative of the Carolina Panthers' perceived willingness to let high-level players leave in their prime. Thankfully, he managed to navigate this successfully in a short space of time.

How did Morgan accomplish this? Look no further than the new deal handed to Derrick Brown.

Brown was coming off his first Pro Bowl campaign in 2023. The former first-round selection also broke the NFL's single-season tackle record for interior defensive lineman. This handed him and his representatives plenty of leverage entering the final year of his rookie deal.

Many speculated whether Brown would hold out after seeing how the Panthers treated Burns. He made the mistake of showing up throughout training camp. Although it's admirable from a loyalty standpoint, those in power took advantage of his good nature and didn't repay the favor.

Thankfully, these concerns surrounding Brown's future were alleviated quickly. The Auburn product penned a new four-year, $96 million deal that also included a $59.31 million guaranteed. This was met with a collective sigh of relief from fans, who've become all too familiar with their heroes leaving way ahead of time in recent years.

This was a sign that Morgan and Brandt Tilis were doing things differently. They turned a potentially complicated situation into something positive. Hopefully, this trend can continue long into the future.