3 teams that could trade for Panthers QB Matt Corral in 2023

Matt Corral
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Which teams could potentially trade for Carolina Panthers quarterback Matt Corral if the team makes him available in 2023?

After the Carolina Panthers up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft and signed veteran Andy Dalton to a two-year deal, Matt Corral's future looks bleak. This comes just one season after those in power thought enough of the quarterback to select him at No. 94 overall following a trade with the New England Patriots.

Corral is a victim of circumstance and bad luck. His reps were severely mismanaged by Matt Rhule in training camp and a serious foot fracture left his hopes of involvement as a rookie in tatters.

Now, speculation continues to mount about the Panthers potentially moving on from Corral if the right offer came along. While they aren't actively shopping the player, it does make a ton of sense factoring everything into the equation.

With this in mind, here are three teams that could possibly trade for Corral at some stage in 2023.

Team No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers could trade Matt Corral to the Chiefs

This would be such an Andy Reid thing to do. Pick up a talented young player down on their luck and galvanize his career without playing a single snap.

The Kansas City Chiefs could be on the lookout for a new backup quarterback this off-season. Although a mid-round prospect is more cost-effective, Matt Corral has been around an NFL franchise before and still has three years remaining on his rookie deal for good measure.

Corral landing with and learning behind Patrick Mahomes could be the best possible outcome. But much will depend on what the Carolina Panthers want in return for a player they gave up a 2023 third-rounder for to move up.