3 unsung heroes from Carolina Panthers 2023 training camp so far

- The unheralded WR

- The upstart OL

- The surprising edge rusher

Gary Jennings
Gary Jennings / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Gary Jennings - Carolina Panthers WR

It's been a difficult road for Gary Jennings since entering the league as a fourth-round selection back in 2019. Injuries have been the primary reason behind the wide receiver's downfall, but the Carolina Panthers clearly felt he might have something to offer within a room that looks stacked despite losing D.J. Moore in the trade that landed Bryce Young at No. 1 overall.

Jennings looked set to get an opportunity with the Kansas City Chiefs last season before injury cruelly ended his roster hopes with weeks remaining before final cuts. Things have been smoother this time around, with the former West Virginia standout catching the eye with consistent ball skills and impressive route running.

This has been with the second-string unit more often than not, but good catches are good catches in any context. Carolina also has an embarrassment of riches at the wideout position, with only one or two places remaining as the first five look cemented.

Again, it would be worth the Panthers getting plenty of targets in Jennings during the preseason and seeing how he fares. Others are also fighting tooth and nail to make the team or even stake their claims for the practice squad, so even the slightest error at any stage could be crucial.

Jennings deserves a bit of luck. But there is no room for sentiment where the Panthers are concerned these days - making his situation precarious despite performing far better than many anticipated.