3 ways Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young can build on positive preseason in Week 1

Bryce Young plays his first competitive NFL game this weekend.
Bryce Young
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Bryce Young must keep his emotions together

While preseason reps were a good way for Bryce Young to integrate himself into a typical NFL game-day setting, it didn't mean much in the grand scheme of things. Sunday's atmosphere before and during the game will be far more electric - something that the signal-caller must be able to cope with effectively if the Carolina Panthers want to stand any chance of emerging victorious.

Young is a cold-blooded character with ice in his veins. Nothing seems to rattle the Heisman Trophy winner despite his tender age, which should serve him extremely well in a hostile environment against a divisional rival who'll be raring to go.

The Panthers believe in Young. More importantly, there is a quiet self-confidence within the player's aura that others feed off positively between the white lines.

Play the game and not the occasion. That's the best advice one could give Young with more adrenaline than usual going through his body before showing the entire NFL exactly what he's capable of.

Young brings rare poise and mental strength to the Panthers. He's able to remain calm in the face of extreme pressure and also has the ability to move on from one play to the next without looking back with regret or a sense of accomplishment depending on how things unfolded.

Taking things one drive, one throw at a time, and keeping every emotion in check. That could be the biggest key of all where Young is concerned.