4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 11 vs. Cowboys

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young's confidence

My concern is the confidence of Bryce Young at this point. My question is has his confidence been shaken to to point of not recovering or is there enough mental toughness with this kid to overcome this? - Ronnie Southerland

Ronnie, it's hard to tell if Bryce Young's confidence is shaken or not. We won't know for sure until the Carolina Panthers surround him with the talent necessary to succeed at this level.

I believe Young has the mental toughness to overcome the situation. As much as some would think that he's "rattled" or "shaken" in his recent performances, I see a No. 1 overall pick struggling in an environment that is not suited for him to succeed.

He's shown the poise and toughness you look for at the quarterback position while seeing him transition to the NFL level in real time.

I've said this numerous times: no quarterback can succeed in this position with this type of personnel. Not even Patrick Mahomes. Yet, we still have some clamoring for Andy Dalton to take over as the starter going forward.

How would that help Young's development? It wouldn't - the former Alabama stud needs to have the bad games before he can consistently have the good ones.

Yes, Dalton threw for 360-plus yards at the Seattle Seahawks two months ago. That was on 50-plus pass attempts with the Panthers attempting to come back from behind unsuccessfully. He isn't the answer.

This offseason is crucial for the organization to build around their young quarterback, no pun intended. He's too gifted of a player who has shown to be deadly accurate despite the lack of separation by his wide receivers.

Until we see Young with a better group of skill players and interior protection, we won't know how he'll be from a confidence standpoint. These next 12-14 months will be crucial in this 24-36 month development process of Carolina's golden egg.