4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 11 vs. Cowboys

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What to be optimistic about with the Carolina Panthers

Where are the bright spots and why should anyone be optimistic about the future? - Steve Sigmon

Great, great question, Steve. You are asking one of the most optimistic observers among the Carolina Panthers community. However, I am going to keep it a good buck with you on this one.

The first bright spot that comes to mind is Bryce Young, of course. There's plenty to like about his prospects. Surround the quarterback with better talent and watch him thrive. That is the player you build your franchise around.

The second bright spot is some of the cornerstone talent the Panthers have despite some being in the final year of their respective contracts or still having one season left on them. Edge rusher Brian Burns, defensive lineman Derrick Brown, linebacker Frankie Luvu, right guard Austin Corbett, and Taylor Moton are the pillars of this football team.

Before Jaycee Horn fans scream at me in the comment section, there is a legitimate and fair concern about his availability due to injuries. If he can play 15 healthy games, about 90 percent of a full regular season in the NFL, he's a special player who has the potential to be arguably the best overall on the roster.

Outside of the talent on the roster, it gets pretty grim.

I'm not a fan of what Frank Reich has done with this team to this point. Scott Fitterer has essentially lost the fanbase after another bad round of offseason work. David Tepper also continues to meddle in the affairs of the football operation instead of putting his full attention to the business aspect - something that is affecting the team.

The biggest reason for hope, in my opinion, is because of Young. This is the Panthers' opportunity to take advantage of his rookie contract and build a good offense around him. That starts by extending the first three cornerstones listed and going from there.