4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 13 at Bucs

A lot of change has happened since Sunday...

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OL prospects the Carolina Panthers could draft

Zach from DG’s Ask the Old Guy Mailbag here. I know this is way in the future, but for bad teams, this might be something to focus on - what offensive linemen (especially guard) will be available in the late 1st (if we trade up) or early 2nd round that can block for Bryce? - Zack

Good question, Zack. While I haven’t studied the offensive line class for the 2024 NFL Draft, there are a few players that I’ve heard about as potential late first, early second-round possibilities. Below, I’ll be sharing what a couple of well-respected analysts in the draft community have said about some of these prospects.

Georgia center Sedrick Van Pran is a potential option at No. 33 overall within the Top 100. Locked On NFL Scouting co-host Kyle Crabbs calls him a “powerful player” in the trenches who brings mobility and experience. With Bradley Bozeman’s flaws coming into a brighter light, the Georgia prospect could be a potential replacement.

Crabbs also wrote a report on well-regarded Kansas State interior lineman Cooper Beebe, who he mentions as someone who could fit in gap or zone-blocking schemes in part due to his football IQ, power, and frame. He is squarely in the conversation for the Carolina Panthers second-round pick early on in the process.

Bleacher Report’s Brandon Thorn, one of the best offensive linemen gurus in the football community, has written a couple of reports on Arizona’s Jordan Morgan and Duke’s Graham Barton. Two other possibilities for the Panthers.

He projects Morgan as a guard thanks in part to his play strength, frame, and quickness that would allow him to be a potential starter at guard in any blocking scheme. According to Thorn, Barton displays the profile to move inside to guard thanks to his quickness in the trenches and competitiveness.

I’m hoping to roll out some of my thoughts on these prospects in the coming months. Just based on what I’ve seen in passing and preliminary viewings, Morgan intrigues me the most. I can’t wait to get started on this draft class in a few weeks.