4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking ahead of Week 2 vs. Saints

- CB issue

- GM on the hot seat?

- WR chemistry

- Playbook ineffectiveness

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Carolina Panthers WR chemistry

Truthfully I have zero concerns because it’s game one that’s the nature of the business when you have a rookie QB. But my question is how long does it take to build that chemistry with all new WRs? - Alicia K.

I love this question by Alicia and it brings up an issue I briefly mentioned in the previous slide. A good reason why the Carolina Panthers didn't have a lot of success in the passing game was the lack of consistent separation from a wide receiver group. I had originally thought this unit would have the skill sets capable of doing so.

It was hard watching the All-22 coaches film and seeing no one get open for the Carolina Panthers or Bryce Young, specifically. Adam Thielen, one of the best route runners in football, lacked the speed to find space to show his number to the quarterback. Terrace Marshall Jr. had some flashes, but once more was inconsistent in that aspect.

Second-round selection Jonathan Mingo's rookie campaign should be seen as a year of development. I don't expect him to create separation on a consistent basis. However, he did get free downfield in the third quarter in which Young overthrew him.

There were nice moments from the former Ole Miss product. Although he needs to continue his growth as the season moves along.

Considering this is a new offense with a lot of different pieces at every skill position, the Panthers will have a transition period. It will take time for the wide receivers and quarterback to be on the same page for a little while.

How long? That has yet to be determined, though this is something this group knows it needs to work on.

These issues may pop up again on Monday night. Frank Reich and Thomas Brown will need to adjust to this accordingly.