4 burning questions Carolina Panthers fans are asking entering mandatory minicamp

Bryce Young
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Expectations for Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young

What will Bryce Young need to do, statistically, this season to get some so-called Carolina Panthers fans to stop with the small talk? - Paul Mills Jr.

Great question, Paul. I know this is something on the mind of many fans in the Carolina Panthers fandom.

Bryce Young is incredibly talented and there's no doubt why he went No. overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. His accuracy, intangibles, instincts, and high-level football IQ are what make him great despite the size concerns.

How will that translate during his rookie campaign? Let's look at how that might turn out.

I don't expect Young is come out of the gate being the exact same quarterback during his time at Alabama. There is a transition period and the rookie will need to learn what he can and can't do at the next level. Be prepared for a potential rough batch in his first few or several games of the campaign.

Because of his work ethic and elite football IQ for his age, Young's transition period may last until the midseason point. Expect him to be smarter with his throws and begin to understand what he will be able to do. If his play is consistent, Carolina might be in a good spot in the division title race.

With that being said, I think anywhere from 3,700-3,900 passing yards, 25 touchdown passes, and at least 10 interceptions along with a completion percentage of 65 percent or more would be a solid rookie campaign for Young. Likely enough to help him win NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.