4 burning questions from Carolina Panthers fans heading into Week 3 at Seahawks

Carolina Panthers fans have plenty on their minds.

Bryce Young and Josh McCown
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Should Carolina Panthers bench Bryce Young?

With the struggles Bryce is having, would you consider sitting him and allowing him time to learn? - Len R.

I don't think Bryce Young should be on the bench or stay there no matter how well Andy Dalton performs this weekend.

I don't think Young is struggling per se. While watching his film over the last two weeks and going back into the preseason, he has the it factor from a mental side of things. He does a great job working through his progressions while showing incredible pocket awareness and mobility that made him the No. 1 overall draft pick.

Hypothetically speaking, sitting your young signal-caller (no pun intended) makes no sense in this situation when he has already been thrown into the fire. Injuries happen and Dalton will get his shot. Yet, it's better for Young to continue playing when healthy because his skill set alone gives Carolina a chance to win on Sundays - even if it isn't happening just yet.

If we're being honest, none of the rookie starters this season need to sit at any point. All three of them have shown to be capable of playing at this speed and have shown steady play here and there.

With Young's situation, you'll need to be patient on this front. Rookie mistakes will take place and they already have.

I hope people don't overreact if Dalton plays somewhat well or better on Sunday (good luck with that, Jared).