4 Carolina Panthers failing to meet expectations through the 2023 bye week

Hopes were high for this Carolina Panthers unit.

Miles Sanders
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Miles Sanders - Carolina Panthers RB

Miles Sanders was signed as a free agent in 2023 after a successful season that earned him a Pro Bowl and Super Bowl appearance. The Carolina Panthers hoped his five years of experience would help elevate their offense, especially alongside rookie quarterback Bryce Young.

The former Penn State stud has struggled to find his rhythm this season. He either doesn't get carries throughout the game or when he does, Sanders fails to hit the correct gaps.

Alternatively, he needs to show the necessary burst or urgency to break through the second level of the defense. As a result, it has been a lackluster start to the season for the seasoned running back.

Sanders has carried the ball 61 times for 190 rushing yards, averaging 3.1 yards per carry. He's scored one touchdown but fumbled twice in his five games.

If you found the previous sentence confusing, don't worry; I felt the same way while typing it. It's different from the type of production you usually see from a team's RB1.

The Panthers penned Sanders to a multi-year deal, but they may have to consider demoting him to RB2 shortly. Chubba Hubbard has improved, with 242 yards on 54 carries at an average of 4.5 yards per carry and a touchdown.