4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering the 2024 NFL Draft

Jonathan Mingo
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Jonathan Mingo - Carolina Panthers WR

Another area that the Carolina Panthers needed to address this offseason is the playmakers around quarterback Bryce Young. Nobody aside from Adam Thielen managed to create consistent separation during his rookie campaign. Couple this with the porous offensive line and almost no cohesion among the coaching staff, it wasn't surprising to see his first year in the pros become an ongoing frustration.

The Panthers have to make a substantial investment in Young work. Acquiring Diontae Johnson via trade from the Pittsburgh Steelers will help, but one could make a strong case for more being needed to help the No. 1 pick in 2023 reach some lofty expectations.

Most projections point to the Panthers taking a wide receiver relatively early in the draft. Much like the offensive line, this is an exceptional group emerging from the collegiate level with many expected to be taken in the first round, It'll be a waiting game for Carolina without trading up, but there should be more than a few decent options available when they go on the clock to start Day 2.

One couldn't dismiss the possibility of more than one wideout coming into the fold. What this means for Jonathan Mingo's future is unclear, but he'll be watching events closer than most looking at how things unfolded throughout his debut campaign at the next level.

Mingo was a second-round selection after receiving glowing references from Young and Steve Smith Sr. He struggled to adjust while other wideouts taken later in the process flourished immediately. Some substantial improvements are needed throughout the preparation period for the former Ole Miss star to establish himself under new head coach Dave Canales.

The Panthers have no sentiment attached to their roster construction with Dan Morgan and Canales leading the charge. If they feel like a better option can be sought from this year's wideout crop, they are unlikely to consider Mingo's feelings in pursuit of improvements.

It's far too early to completely give up on Mingo. But he could be lower down the depth chart than ever once the draft is done with.