4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering Week 15 vs. Falcons

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Which Carolina Panthers find themselves firmly on the hot seat entering their Week 15 showdown against the Atlanta Falcons?

One could forgive many within the Carolina Panthers having sweaty palms about what comes next once their final four games in 2023 are done. Some will be begging for a fresh start elsewhere. Others will be sad to go. But make no mistake, landmark alterations are coming.

Although the Panthers are a million miles away from postseason contention, personal pride dictates nothing but maximum effort will suffice down the stretch. Even if that only improves their job prospects elsewhere once incompetent team owner David Tepper makes yet another head coaching hire.

Carolina won't want to get swept in the NFC South this season. There are only two more games to avoid this dubious distinction. And the Atlanta Falcons still find themselves in playoff contention thanks to the division's complete lack of quality.

Some big character is needed. Especially from this week's four Panthers on the hot seat entering their clash versus the Falcons

John Lilly - Carolina Panthers TE coach

It's been another underwhelming season for the tight-end group. Despite the clear athleticism and experience within the room, the production hasn't matched. Offensive schematics aside, this is a coaching issue.

John Lilly is going under the radar when it comes to criticism as others bear the brunt of Carolina's failings. That won't be the case for much longer.

If the former North Carolina coach wants to get a reprieve - however unlikely that might be under a different staff - he must find a way to galvanize this position group when all hope seems lost. Otherwise, he'll be looking for alternative employment.