4 Carolina Panthers on the hot seat entering Week 6 at Dolphins

Backs are against the wall in Week 6...

Tommy Tremble
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Tommy Tremble - Carolina Panthers TE

It seems as if we've been waiting forever to see Tommy Tremble break out. The tight end is now in Year 3 of his professional career and the signs aren't exactly promising, although some sections of the fanbase haven't given up entirely.

On one hand, it's easy to give Tremble the benefit of the doubt given the lack of attention to his development under the previous coaching regime. But the former third-round selection cannot pass up opportunities like the one he fluffed in Week 5 at the Detroit Lions.

When rookie quarterback Bryce Young threw a perfect pass to Tremble in the end-zone for a sure-fire touchdown, the Notre Dame product dropped it. In many ways, this was a microcosm of how the player's career with the Carolina Panthers has gone to date.

Whether this sapped any remaining confidence the coaching staff had in Tremble to become a factor in the passing game remains to be seen. It's not like he's getting Travis Kelce targets - far from it, actually - but it's imperative that if calls come his way at the Miami Dolphins, he makes a more productive contribution.

If Tremble becomes a non-factor in the passing game and somehow remains behind Ian Thomas when it comes to snaps, that tells a completely different story entirely. And in all honesty, it could go either way.