4 Carolina Panthers offseason decisions in 2023 that already look like a disaster

It's not been the greatest start to 2023 for the Carolina Panthers.

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Carolina Panthers drafted Jonathan Mingo

It's hard to gauge rookie players and what they might be capable of after two games. It's always a slow burn for quarterbacks given the significant adjustment period, but more is expected of positions such as the wide receiver spot.

After the Carolina Panthers made their bold plan to draft Bryce Young at No. 1 overall in the 2023 Draft, there was a need to surround him with playmakers. Those in power included D.J. Moore in the trade package that landed them the top spot, which is a loss being sorely felt given that nobody is getting open with much consistently currently.

Although it's much too early to be writing him off entirely, more was expected from Jonathan Mingo right out of the gate. The second-round selection out of Ole Miss has brought in just five receptions from 13 targets for 43 receiving yards to date, which is especially concerning when one considers how much he's been on the field.

Mingo has the physical tools needed to make things happen. It hasn't come together as yet, but questions will be asked about Carolina's choice if the rookie cannot raise his production during his first year in the pros.

Young wanted Mingo and chemistry between the two will obviously improve once things get opened up schematically. But if the pass-catching personnel doesn't collectively make strides, this will become the team's biggest need next spring.