What will WR Jonathan Mingo bring to the Carolina Panthers?

Jonathan Mingo
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What will wide receiver Jonathan Mingo bring to the Carolina Panthers after he became the team's No. 39 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Bryce Young remains the hot topic of discussion after the Carolina Panthers did what many expected and selected the quarterback at No. 1 overall. His triumphant welcome to Charlotte was electrifying and seemed to ignite a spark within the fanbase that had been sorely missing since Cam Newton was released under a cloud in 2020. 

With all the fanfare surrounding Young, it's easy to forget that the Panthers still have six other rounds to navigate. General manager Scott Fitterer normally starts playing the draft board masterfully at this stage of the process, with the front office figure renowned for being one of the best manipulators in the business based on his last two years of negotiating from a prominent position of power. 

Team owner David Tepper was thought to tip Carolina's hand during some recent media availability when he hinted that their primary focus on Day 2 would be the defensive side of things. However, some eye-catching fallers on offense meant nothing could be ruled out entirely. 

Carolina Panthers draft Jonathan Mingo at No. 39 overall

As it turned out, the Panthers struck with conviction to land an intriguing prospect in the form of Jonathan Mingo at No. 39 overall. Again, this was a need for the Panthers and one that does their chances of legitimate progress in the first year under head coach Frank Reich the world of good providing his transition goes smoothly.

Mingo has been a fast riser throughout the assessment process that spent time with the Panthers on a top-30 visit. He is still developing certain areas of his game, but the prospect is the latest in a long line of Ole Miss wideouts that could become highly productive in the NFL. 

There's a lot to like about the size and physicality Mingo brings to the table. He is sharp, has assured hands, and can line up almost anywhere across the line of scrimmage for good measure. 

This gives the Panthers something a little different from their current wide receiver options. Carolina also needed a dynamic force after including D.J. Moore in the trade package that landed them the top spot. 

Mingo is a threat in terms of gaining yards after the catch. His size also makes him a supreme asset as a blocker when the situation dictates. 

If Mingo can improve his route tree and become a little more fluid out of his cuts, this could be a tremendous bit of business for the Panthers. One that can form a long-term partnership between wide receiver and quarterback throughout their pro careers. 

The pick did pile additional pressure later down the pecking order given the critical needs at cornerback and edge rusher. But the Panthers clearly saw something in Mingo and this regime has earned a level of trust after a phenomenal offseason so far. 

There is some steep competition to overcome in pursuit of targets. But the talent is there for all to see and hopefully, Mingo can settle in well to his new surroundings.

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