4 Carolina Panthers players who could get another shot under Dave Canales

All hope might not be lost for these Carolina Panthers players.

Dave Canales
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Sam Franklin - Carolina Panthers DB

Dan Morgan wants more dogs across the Carolina Panthers. The old ways and core franchise ethos have been lost under previous regimes. There's no doubt that the former linebacker wants this restored as a matter of extreme urgency.

While that will mean a specific type of character is sought throughout free agency and the 2024 NFL Draft, Morgan and head coach Dave Canales must also determine how many dogs are already around. This was a hot topic of debate among the fanbase recently. But looking at how things unfolded this season, you can probably count them on one hand.

Sam Franklin falls into this category. He displays the right commitment no matter what role he's asked to play. Others in the secondary might be more talented, but they'll never outwork him. And make no mistake, the former undrafted free agent out of Temple won't back down from anybody.

Franklin is an exceptional special teamer. He's made more of an impact on the defensive rotation as time's gone on. A new regime could have a different view, but Canales should be banging the table hard for an extension once he puts on the tape.

This is likely to be seconded by defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero. There is a shortage of dogs in Charlotte at the moment. Letting one walk for nothing in free agency should be out of the question.