4 Carolina Panthers players who'll benefit most from Frank Reich's firing

With Frank Reich gone after just 11 games, who benefits most from the firing?

Frank Reich
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Which Carolina Panthers players stand to benefit most from the team's decision to fire head coach Frank Reich after 11 games?

The Frank Reich era ended after just 11 games. Something that was a long time coming after such a disappointing start to the campaign.

Carolina has a ton of work to do this coming offseason, and I don't think many of us have faith that David Tepper won't mess it up. I'd personally expect general manager Scott Fitterer to be out of a job as well, so we'll again see big changes in the coming weeks.

The top priority for this team is to get the situation right around Bryce Young so he can develop. They don't have a first-round pick in 2024 and don't appear like a very appealing destination for a new head coach and pending free agents, so it's complicated.

Removing Reich has some immediate benefits. Here are four players that could thrive over Carolina's remaining games.

Bryce Young - Carolina Panthers QB

The offensive plan that Frank Reich wanted to implement has worked before during his career, but due to the Carolina Panthers' lack of adequate skill players and offensive linemen didn't have the necessary impact in a different environment.

Spread offenses do work in the NFL, but the Panthers just did not have the personnel to make it work. The next head coach is going to have to implement a scheme that not only protects Bryce Young but gives him consistent opportunities for easy completions while progressing within the offense.

A ton of personnel changes need to happen, but it's clear to see how Reich failed Young. I don't think the organization is going to make this same mistake in 2024.