4 Carolina Panthers players whose fate is sealed after Dave Canales hire

These players might not get a reprieve under new head coach Dave Canales.

Dave Canales
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Which Carolina Panthers players could have had their respective fates sealed after the team appointed head coach Dave Canales?

Getting things right this offseason through a clear, concise plan is essential for the Carolina Panthers. There cannot be any more half-measures. More importantly, there must not be any emotional attachment to their decision-making process under the new power trio of Dave Canales, Dan Morgan, and Brandt Tilis.

This was a big problem under previous regimes. Well-liked players were kept around while high-quality performers were let go in some capacity. One only has to look at the number of former Panthers thriving around the league to see how this damaged the organization.

Canales knows what a big job awaits him. The new head coach has never shirked a challenge and boasts a solid track record during his various coaching stops. Hitting the ground running and getting every player on the same page is paramount as he looks to maximize this fantastic opportunity.

Of course, some won't be so lucky. With this in mind, here are four Panthers players whose fate is likely sealed under Canales.

Giovanni Ricci - Carolina Panthers TE/FB

The Carolina Panthers got almost nothing from the tight end position once again in 2023. Giovanni Ricci is classed as a tight end/fullback hybrid, but there wasn't enough growth in the player's production last season from a limited sample size to warrant an extended stay.

Fullbacks are a dying breed around the NFL. Only a handful of teams utilize them as part of their game plan. Considering Ricci's regression from a blocking capacity when called upon last season before going to injured reserve, it wouldn't be a shock to see Dave Canales cut his losses and look for an upgrade.

Ricci deserves credit for emerging as an undrafted free agent and lasting three years in Carolina. But all good things must come to an end sometime.