3 exciting traits Dave Canales brings to the Carolina Panthers

Dave Canales brings plenty of exciting traits to the table.

Dave Canales
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What exciting traits does Dave Canales bring to the Carolina Panthers after securing the head coaching position this offseason?

New Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales boasts an impressive 13 years of NFL experience, during which he excelled as a quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator. His remarkable achievements as Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator speak volumes about his expertise and leadership skills.

Unsurprisingly, team owner David Tepper sought him out to steer the team in the right direction. As the billionaire has said in years past, he wants a young offensive-minded coach.

Despite having yet to gain prior experience as a head coach, Canales has showcased his exceptional qualities, skills, and creativity to reach this point. This will be essential for turning around the NFL's worst franchise.

Let's break down these exciting traits I believe Canales possesses as he embarks on his newfound responsibilities.

Dave Canales brings humble beginnings and reliability

When searching for a leader - whether a head coach, a president, or even the neighborhood watch captain - we always look for that unique quality that makes us want to believe in that person. We seek a spark that resonates, makes us feel connected to that individual, and the message they are conveying.

During Dave Canales' introductory press conference as Carolina Panthers head coach, he conveyed a message beyond Xs and Os. He talked about his deep love for his family and hometown. During his lifelong journey, the young offensive coordinator expressed the importance of his wife, Lizzy. She even wrote a book about their marriage and the struggles they have had to overcome together.

The book mentioned portrays the newly appointed head coach and his character. Although he made mistakes initially, it didn't deter him from fighting for the things and people he cared for. Such qualities can be transferred to the football field.

Players face several challenges during a season. Staying committed to themselves and the team to perform their duties is crucial. Canales' ability to relate to people helped the former Carson High School coach land his dream job.