4 Carolina Panthers veteran players who could be traded in 2024

Some established veterans could be traded by the Carolina Panthers in 2024.
Vonn Bell
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Which Carolina Panthers veteran players could be made available for trade in pursuit of accumulating more draft capital during the 2024 offseason?

With the Carolina Panthers firing head coach Frank Reich and on the road to nowhere at 1-11, another major revamp of the playing personnel is needed this offseason. That's not what most envisaged before the 2023 campaign, but it's vital if this struggling franchise wants to emerge from the abyss and into contention.

Who'll be tasked with these decisions is anyone's guess. There are conflicting reports about general manager Scott Fitterer's future, with some suggesting he could be out while others indicate team owner David Tepper would like to keep him around.

Tepper isn't renowned for making smart football choices, so it could go either way. As for the players, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Panthers start fielding calls for some established stars in the pursuit of accumulating some much-needed draft capital.

On this topic, we picked out four Panthers veterans who could be traded when the 2024 offseason commences.

Carolina Panthers could trade Vonn Bell

Vonn Bell's performed well since signing in free agency from the Cincinnati Bengals. He's also one of few on the Panthers that could potentially extract decent value on the trade market.

Bell's leadership and communication at the safety position would be sorely missed in this scenario. The Carolina Panthers would probably like to keep him around, but he's dealt with injuries and there's just no telling how a new coaching staff will see things once they assume power.

Trading Bell comes with a cap saving of $7.05 million and $3.89 million in dead money attached. It's not ideal, but the NFL is a business above all else and if the right offer comes along, those in power might consider it.