4 Carolina Panthers winning their position battles at 2023 training camp

Which Carolina Panthers players are coming out on top at specific positions?
Cade Mays
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It's been a fascinating training camp for the Carolina Panthers so far, but which players are winning their position battles?

What a revelation it's been to see the Carolina Panthers participating in a professional training camp with very few wasted movements. The level of purpose and poise across the organization has been great to witness and hopefully, is another big stepping stone to what will be a successful 2023 campaign under Frank Reich and his exceptional coaching staff.

One only has to examine the energy within the locker room and across the fanbase to see how things have changed and how bad things were under the previous regime. That's thankfully all in the past - what's important now is putting an ambitious long-term plan for prolonged success next season and beyond into action.

Some things have yet to be decided ahead of three preseason games and joint practices with the New York Jets. But these four Panthers players look to be winning their respective position battles up to now.

Tommy Tremble - Carolina Panthers TE2

Hayden Hurst was brought in to be the No. 1 tight end and hopefully provide the pass-catching consistency that's been sorely lacking within the Carolina Panthers since Greg Olsen was allowed to leave town. That left Tommy Tremble, Ian Thomas, and Stephen Sullivan fighting it out for the other spots - with Giovanni Ricci seen more as a full-back these days.

It was a slow start over the first few sessions of camp for Tremble, but the former third-round selection's come on a great deal ever since and is now comfortably seen as the team's No. 2 tight end option by most fans and analysts. Whether this amounts to an increase in targets remains to be seen, but it's a sign that the coaching staff is not ready to give up on the Notre Dame product just yet.

Tremble went on record earlier this offseason about the lack of development from the previous coaching staff. But if he impresses when the ball comes his way during the preseason, expect him to feature.