4 cataclysmic errors that continue to haunt the Carolina Panthers in 2023

It's all extremely concerning...

David Tepper and Nicole Tepper
David Tepper and Nicole Tepper / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers have an ownership problem

For someone with no background in football outside ownership, David Tepper is involved with all decisions. Clips of the billionaire and his wife Nicole front and center as the Carolina Panthers' traveling army of staff were present at every quarterback pro day as they basked in the glory of landing the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft.

While as the owner, of course, he must sign the cheques on all hires. Frankly, that is all he should be doing.

Tepper should let the football people that he hired do their jobs and keep out of it. Having the Walmart version of Jerry Jones running the show has so far brought nothing but pain for Panthers fans.

When Carolina falls to 1-9 at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, it will see them condemned to a sixth straight losing season since Tepper bought the team.

The former minority owner with the Pittsburgh Steelers showed his lack of footballing knowledge back in 2018 when a report stated that many minority owners including Tepper wanted head coach Mike Tomlin fired after a playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Just for context, this is the same figurehead who has never had a losing season and currently has a 177-105-2 coaching record.

Tepper is not a football guy, no matter how much he tries to fool people.

In April, Tepper said Carolina didn’t need an elite WR1 because Bryce Young was like a point guard. But the same Panthers then tried to trade for both Davante Adams and Tee Higgins at the deadline, according to David Newton of ESPN.

Case closed.