4 cost-effective free agents Carolina Panthers should sign before 2024 camp

The Carolina Panthers need more help.
Byron Pringle
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Dan Morgan's left no stone unturned in pursuit of improving his roster throughout the offseason. The Carolina Panthers were incredibly active as expected. A plethora of new faces came into the fold and several established stars departed. This was just the first step in the new general manager's long-term plan to make this once-proud organization feared once again.

The Panthers look rejuvenated under improved leadership. They are far from the finished product, but early signs under Morgan suggest better things could be in the franchise's future if things continue similarly in the coming years.

Morgan's aggressive nature means the prospect of further arrivals before Week 1 cannot be dismissed. He plans to be active on the waiver wire when good players start being made surplus to requirements elsewhere. The Panthers don't have much money to spend, but finding additional assistance through veterans remaining on the market is another strong possibility.

With this in mind, here are four cost-effective free agents the Panthers should consider signing before training camp.

Carolina Panthers could sign Mark Glowinski

The Carolina Panthers invested heavily in their offensive line interior this offseason. Dan Morgan shelled out major money to land Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis. This represents an instant upgrade to their guard positions that could help second-year quarterback Bryce Young enormously.

Carolina's depth is concerning. Brady Christensen's demotion to a versatile backup helps, but the rest come with significant questions attached. Watching their progress closely during the team's training camp will be the best way for Morgan to assess whether more is needed.

Someone like Mark Glowinski might be an option to consider if the price is right. The veteran has plenty of starting experience, but his production dipped slightly with the New York Giants last season and he wasn't brought back.

Glowinski wouldn't be tasked with starting duties in this scenario. He'd be a primary backup if the Panthers ended up securing his services. Although it's an avenue back into the league, the former fourth-round pick out of West Virginia could wait around for a starting chance if injury strikes somewhere over the summer.