4 critical observations from Carolina Panthers’ putrid defeat vs. Colts in Week 9

It was a afternoon to forget...

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young had his worst NFL showing

The ups and downs of a rookie quarterback in the NFL.

Just a week removed from the best performance of his short career, we saw the worst of Bryce Young on Sunday. He single-handedly gave the Indianapolis Colts the victory in uptown Charlotte.

Young finished the day 24-of-39 for 173 passing yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions with a 48.3 passer rating. Two of his picks were taken to the house by Kenny Moore, resulting in 14 points for the Colts' defense - the margin between the two sides when push came to shove.

The fact Young had a day like like this just hours after C.J. Stroud threw for a record-breaking 470 yards and five touchdowns did little to quell a rising sense of unease amongst Carolina Panthers fans. I would implore fans to exercise patience - Sunday was bad no doubt, but in previous weeks the growth shown by the No. 1 overall selection was clear.

There’s no shying away from the poor performance of Young. This was one of the league's worst secondary that had shipped an average of 38 points over the last three. The Panthers managed a measly 13 points and did little to inspire confidence moving forward.

Young took responsibility post-game. But with just four days until the Panthers take on the Chicago Bears, there’s little been shown to think they will adjust accordingly in the face of another bad defense.