4 early cut candidates in 2024 after Carolina Panthers trade deadline inactivity

Could these players be sacrificed?

Donte Jackson
Donte Jackson / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Donte Jackson - Carolina Panthers CB

  • Cap saving - $10.62 million (post-June 1 designation)
  • Dead money - $5.19 million

Donte Jackson was the subject of intense trade speculation before the 2023 deadline. But it doesn't appear as if the market was particularly robust for the veteran cornerback despite one reported inquiry coming the Carolina Panthers' way.

This could be down to his performance levels and injury history, which is understandable. He's also valued more highly within the organization than across the fanbase, who've become tired of seeing the former second-round selection concede big plays downfield in coverage every week.

Jackson is a respected and vocal leader within the locker room, but that only gets any player so far. Unless his consistency increases over Carolina's remaining 10 games, his future could be murky when the time comes to make important financial decisions.

The one-time LSU star is set to count a whopping $15.81 million on the salary cap next season. That's too much for someone with indifferent production, so cutting him with a post-June 1 designation might be something those in power consider depending on what reinforcements arrive beforehand.

This would save the Panthers north of $10 million and is easily the most enticing of all options when it comes to early cuts. They might try to shop Jackson again before the 2024 NFL Draft, but this would free up substantial funds that could be better spent elsewhere.