3 possible trade destinations for Carolina Panthers CB Donte Jackson in 2023

Donte Jackson
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Donte Jackson's name is reportedly coming up in trade conversations, but where could the Carolina Panthers cornerback end up before the deadline?

Speculation is building about potential outgoings for the Carolina Panthers before the 2023 trade deadline. This is to be expected from a team without one win through six games, but which players end up leaving - if any - has yet to be determined.

One established figure touted as a possible trade candidate is Donte Jackson. The veteran cornerback has once again proven to be a liability in coverage this season, constantly getting burned on big plays and offering little in the way of consistency to a position group that's going through some complications currently.

Paying Jackson over Stephon Gilmore was a contentious issue at the time and even more so now. What the Panthers could get for Jackson is debatable, but an inquiry has reportedly been made for the former second-round selection out of LSU.

With this in mind, we picked out three teams that could show interest in Jackson before the all-important October 31 date.

Carolina Panthers could trade Donte Jackson to the Chargers

While the Los Angeles Chargers are staring down the barrel of another underachieving campaign, all hope is not lost just yet. Head coach Brandon Staley knows his job likely depends on how they fare from here on out, so adding to their roster seems like the best course of action rather than selling off any more assets.

The Chargers recently traded J.C. Jackson back to the New England Patriots after he failed to meet lofty expectations. Their secondary got absolutely torched by the Kansas City Chiefs last time out, so it wouldn't be the biggest shock to see them make a call to the Carolina Panthers in pursuit of acquiring Donte Jackson.

In this scenario, Jackson would have a similar role as CB2 or CB3. Looking at the Chargers' current options, he'd arguably be an upgrade if the price was right.