Are the Carolina Panthers overvaluing trade candidate Donte Jackson?

Those in power seem to think more of Donte Jackson than most fans...
Donte Jackson
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Are the Carolina Panthers overvaluing veteran cornerback Donte Jackson after receiving trade interest before the 2023 deadline?

It comes as no surprise to see the Carolina Panthers potentially looking to cut their losses with some established figures within the locker room before the 2023 trade deadline arrives. Sitting at 0-6 with no first-round selection to call upon next spring dictates as much, but which players are deemed necessary sacrifices remains to be seen.

Some names have come up in recent days. The Panthers gave Terrace Marshall Jr. permission to seek a trade but are going to welcome him back if a willing suitor cannot be secured, with defensive back Jeremy Chinn's hopes for a fresh start given a big blow thanks to a quad injury that could leave him on the shelf for up to six weeks.

Carolina Panthers value Donte Jackson highly

Another player facing an uncertain future is Donte Jackson. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN recently reported there had been an inquiry for the veteran cornerback, although those in power also value him higher than most other candidates for trades.

"Carolina isn't in full trade mode but will listen to inquiries on players considered available, including [Terrace] Marshall and safety Jeremy Chinn. The [Carolina] Panthers also have received an inquiry on cornerback Donte Jackson, who's on a reasonable contract ($1.08 million base salary this year, with a $4 million base in 2024 along with $5.7 million in roster and per-game bonuses). But quality corners are hard to give up, so he's considered less available than the other two."

Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Joe Person of The Athletic added that the Panthers had called teams to gauge whether or not there would be a robust market for Jackson, who returned from a torn Achilles his season but has been underwhelming at best through six games.

Jackson might be a vocal leader within the locker room, but he's a liability in coverage that's always giving up big plays. Something that was once again evident when Tyreek Hill abused him for a huge score in Week 6 at the Miami Dolphins.

Just why the Panthers value Jackson so highly is anyone's guess, in all honesty. One potential reason might be the lack of true depth within a secondary decimated by injuries currently, but it's not like he's emerged into an alpha with plenty of talent watching from the treatment room.

Vonn Bell, Xavier Woods, and Jaycee Horn have all missed time in recent weeks. Parting ways with Jackson would leave them desperately short, although it might be worth getting the younger guys involved with nothing much to play for other than pride.

The former second-round selection out of LSU has value as an experienced presence. But there are clear frustrations from the fanbase regarding the out-of-form defensive back and why the Panthers boast so much faith in him,

Don't forget, this is a player the Panthers decided to pay over Stephon Gilmore - an All-Pro and former NFL Defensive Player of the Year who continues to thrive despite his advancing years.

Considering there's only been one inquiry, Carolina sees Jackson's production far differently than others around the league. But at the same time, they have to draw the line somewhere.

If Horn, Bell, and Woods are able to return after the bye week, Jackson's role should diminish. Especially considering how well C.J. Henderson has performed overall when all hope seemed lost.

Jackson has been Teflon when it comes to his roster status. Whether it's enough to survive beyond the trade deadline is another matter.