4 emerging surprises from Carolina Panthers training camp in 2023

Training camp has thrown up some surprises for the Carolina Panthers so far.
Raheem Blackshear
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Vonn Bell's immediate Carolina Panthers impact

Nobody is doubting Vonn Bell's credentials as a potential difference-maker for the Carolina Panthers. The reason he sits on this list of emerging surprises is the quickness with which he's assumed almost complete command of Ejiro Evero's defensive unit.

Bell wasted no time in establishing himself as a supreme communicator on the back end and a leader within the locker room. He's stood out like a sore thumb over the early stages of camp, developing a solid partnership with fellow safety Xavier Woods and ensuring everyone on defense is in the right positions pre-snap more often than not.

Aside from perhaps Brian Burns and Derrick Brown, the Panthers' standout performer on defense has been Bell. And one could make a strong case that the veteran arrival from the Cincinnati Bengals is outperforming everyone currently.

Looking at the numerous key pieces brought in by Carolina over a frantic free-agency period earlier this year, Bell could be the most important. The Panthers are making an important transition into a 3-4 base scheme under Evero, so having a savvy presence at the safety position that knows exactly what's expected is going to be a significant asset to call upon.

Bell also comes from an organization that's been to two-straight AFC Championship games, winning one. Experience that will serve the Panthers well when it's time to begin their own quiet for postseason football.