4 false narratives surrounding the Carolina Panthers in 2023

D.J. Chark
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Carolina Panthers picked the wrong QB

Once the Carolina Panthers traded up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, those in power had seven weeks to figure out which was the right quarterback for them. They had one particular prospect in mind, but gave each of the top four coming from the college ranks every chance to alter perceptions.

Many thought it might be C.J. Stroud given his pure passing brilliance. Others thought the Panthers could take a swing with Anthony Richardson's exceptional athletic attributes or maybe even Will Levis despite a suspect final season at Kentucky.

However, there was only one outcome based on what we now know.

Bryce Young blew away everyone within the organization. His elite processing, the way he studies film, and being the best player on the best teams in the country since high school meant there was a consensus agreement long before the big night arrived.

Of course, people are still clinging to the durability issues as a reason why Carolina made the wrong call. This completely ignores the former Alabama star already looking bigger from a frame standpoint and his seamless transition into the franchise throughout Carolina's early off-season workouts for good measure.

There was no wrong answer between Stroud and Young during the draft. But the Panthers' choice has done nothing to dispel the myth he was the correct decision and might enhance this claim further when the real action arrives.