4 false narratives surrounding the Carolina Panthers in 2023

D.J. Chark
D.J. Chark / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers are rebuilding

Considering all the landmark changes made across the Carolina Panthers this offseason, one could be excused for thinking it might take time for everything to come together. However, that is not a sentiment shared by anyone within the building.

Frank Reich and his all-star staff have a plan for short and long-term success. It's been a strong recruitment period and the obvious hope surrounding Bryce Young is something else that could get this once-proud franchise back among the playoff hopefuls.

As running back Miles Sanders said earlier this offseason, the Panthers are not rebuilding anything. In fact, with the NFC South wide open, there is a quiet belief that they can regain the division crown in 2023 now that legendary quarterback Tom Brady is no longer around.

This is an ambitious goal to aim for. But the level of professionalism, purpose, and quality across the franchise after one of the most memorable offseasons in recent memory should stand them in good stead.

Anyone writing the Panthers off is either not paying attention or asking for trouble, especially if Young continues his exceptional integration and others also make progress under the best coaching staff around. And why not Carolina when it's all said and done?

No matter what happens, it's been refreshing to see so much optimism and hope around the organization. Hopefully, this can grow further in Week 1 and beyond.