4 fatal flaws behind Carolina Panthers capitulation at the Lions in Week 5

The most lopsided loss of their season has the Panthers searching for answers
Derrick Brown and Sam Franklin
Derrick Brown and Sam Franklin / Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK
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What were some fatal flaws behind another Carolina Panthers capitulation - this time at the Detroit Lions - as Frank Reich's men moved to 0-5?

Another game is gone, and another loss is in the record books for the Carolina Panthers, who currently sit alone as the worst team in the NFL. Discussing the same thing every week has gotten old, but the story won't change until the on-field product improves.

Carolina had good moments on offense in garbage time, but therein lies the problem - all of that good was after the game had effectively ended. And it was already ugly before those positives.

With that in mind, were the four fatal flaws that let Sunday's game at the Detroit Lions become a blowout loss for the Panthers?

Carolina Panthers first-half ineptness

There were three turnovers by the Carolina Panthers' offense and four touchdowns allowed on five legitimate offensive drives from the Detroit Lions. Not much good can be said about their first-half performance - it looked dysfunctional, uncoordinated, and lacked conviction.

Going down by 28-10 at halftime felt insurmountable. It left a Panthers team that already had little hope entering the game completely gutted and shell-shocked for the rest of the contest. They have no one to blame but themselves.

Carolina moved the ball well during their two scoring drives in the first half. But giving possessions away on shorter fields as they did will make it hard to win.

Two bad interceptions by Bryce Young and another Miles Sanders fumble allowed Detroit to score 21 of their 28 first-half points off turnovers. After getting left out to dry too many times this season, Carolina's defense fell apart against a well-schemed and well-ran Lions offense.