4 former Carolina Panthers players looking for revenge in 2023

Baker Mayfield
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Chosen Anderson - Former Carolina Panthers WR

When Chosen Anderson's outbursts crossed the line at the Los Angeles Rams in Week 6, it left the Carolina Panthers with no option other than to shift him out at the earliest possible opportunity. This came the following day when the wideout got traded to the Arizona Cardinals for two Day 3 selections.

This cost the Panthers some hefty dead-cap, but it removed a locker room distraction who clearly felt some type of way about the way his former college coach Matt Rhule was treated. In terms of on-field production, Anderson wasn't missed in the slightest.

If Anderson thought his switch to Arizona was going to come with immediate profitability, he was sorely mistaken. The Cardinals lost quarterback Kyler Murray to a serious injury and the roster was in freefall under Kliff Kingsbury, leaving the Temple product with seven receptions and 76 receiving yards from 10 games - two of which he started.

Obviously, this made the decision to release Anderson an easy one for the Cardinals. But the explosive veteran got an immediate chance of redemption with the Miami Dolphins, which further bolsters the NFL's fastest wideout room.

According to reports, Anderson has caught the eye during early workouts and looks reinvigorated playing closer to home. Just how much action he'll get remains to be seen, but it certainly makes Miami's game against the Panthers more interesting.