4 grave offseason errors the Carolina Panthers must avoid in 2024

The margin for error is slim.

Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers must avoid overplaying the trade market

One thing that has come back to bite the Carolina Panthers more than anything else - especially with the upcoming NFL Draft - was the philosophy of former general manager Scott Fitterer to make every trade that had the faintest chance of improving the team. No matter the cost.

We all see where that has gotten us.

While Bryce Young may prove to be entirely worth the price that was paid to bring in the former Heisman Trophy winner, the pain in the present is being immediately felt. And early returns are less than encouraging.

The fact that the Panthers are now sitting without the No.1 pick in 2024 - or even a first-round pick at all - and also lost the last offensive playmaker that the team had is something that cannot be understated in its importance. The entire NFL saw just how underprepared the team was at the wide receiver position without D.J. Moore. The Chicago Bears having both the first and No. 9 selections is just rubbing salt into the wound.

Carolina has nothing of value to trade other than Brian Burns, Derrick Brown, and perhaps Jaycee Horn, but that would be selling extremely low. Much like how the team traded Christian McCaffrey for essentially nothing just a few short years ago.

This means the Panthers shouldn't even consider making any trades this offseason. If those in power do go down this route, they better be sure it's good value. Anything less will reek of the previous regime of which Dan Morgan was part.