4 head coach/general manager partnerships the Carolina Panthers must consider

The Carolina Panthers must do things right this time...

David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers could look to the Chiefs

  • Head Coach: Eric Bieniemy
  • General Manager: Mike Borgonzi

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the blueprint for NFL success in recent years. While things might be tailing off to a certain extent this season, they are the defending Super Bowl champions. A team that'll never be truly out of any game thanks to some outstanding weapons on both sides of the football.

One of the reasons Kansas City is struggling to meet expectations could be the departure of Eric Bieniemy. The influential figure left the Chiefs after hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy in favor of the Washington Commanders. Although things haven't gone entirely smoothly, his promotion to a top job has been a long time coming.

David Tepper could see Bieniemy's high demands and hard-nosed methods as exactly what the Carolina Panthers need to get back into contention. He'll weed out the weak quickly. He's a tough-love guy from the old school. After so much underachievement, this is the sort of head coach that would command instant respect.

To further sweeten the pot, convincing Mike Borgonzi to come into the building first would enable an already blossoming relationship to continue with Bieniemy. He's long been seen as the secret weapon behind Kansas City's roster-building triumphs. He's ready for a well-deserved promotion. The Panthers have a franchise quarterback in Bryce Young, so this spot could appeal providing he gets the chance to pick his head coach.

In that scenario, Bieniemy becomes a frontrunner.