4 important observations from Carolina Panthers 2024 OTAs Day 1

There was a lot to unpack from Day 1 of OTAs.
Dave Canales
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The Carolina Panthers began another important phase of their 2024 season preparations with the start of OTAs. This is a voluntary portion of the process before attendance becomes mandatory in the coming weeks, but most roster members were present as Dave Canales looks to implement his way of thinking ahead of competitive action returning.

Canales has made a good impression so far. He's got everyone on the same page and seems to have reinvigorated the belief within the franchise. There are some significant challenges ahead, but the progressive thinker's concise approach and enthusiastic mindset leave reasons for encouragement.

Laying the foundations for a successful future was always going to be the most crucial objective this offseason. Carolina is currently rock bottom of the league and it's a long road back to prosperity. Everyone is starting with a clean slate, so there could be a few surprises along the way depending on how certain individuals perform throughout the summer.

With this in mind, here are four important observations from Day 1 of Carolina's organized team activities in 2024.

Carolina Panthers haven't heard from Eddy Pineiro

A few faces were missing from the opening day of voluntary OTAs. Eddy Pineiro has been absent for the entire preparation period up to now and wasn't seen during Monday's practice. Some believe this is down to the kicker seeking a new contract. Others are speculating whether the veteran is unhappy about the Carolina Panthers bringing in Harrison Mevis during undrafted free agency.

When probed about Pineiro, head coach Dave Canales stated via Yahoo Sports that he hadn't heard from him. He's just glad to have Mevis around so the Panthers can work on their blocking concepts on special teams.

"We're just focusing on the guys we have. I'm glad we have Harrison Mevis here so that we can actually go through our field goal/field goal block period. We're just focusing on the guys that are here, and I'm sure Eddy's got a plan for this whole thing."

Pineiro has a fight on his hands to make the team looking at his indifferent consistency last season and the intrigue surrounding Mevis. The rookie went 5-for-5 during a drill and had plenty of room on a 46-yard attempt according to those in attendance.

If Pineiro isn't up to the challenge, this job could be Mevis' if he keeps up his impressive start to life in Carolina.