4 important takeaways from Carolina Panthers play-calling power struggle

The situation is a complete mess...
Thomas Brown
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Carolina Panthers are failing Bryce Young

When the Carolina Panthers made their daring move to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, they were seen as the perfect landing spot for any rookie quarterback. An offensive-minded head coach, a supposedly all-star coaching staff capable of nurturing the chosen signal-caller, and the eye-catching offensive line production during the 2022 campaign were reasons for such optimism.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. The Panthers are failing Bryce Young in almost every way imaginable and fans are simply hoping this doesn't do any long-term damage to their new prized possession.

While C.J. Stroud enters the NFL MVP conversation in his rookie campaign with the Houston Texans, Young's going through severe complications. The signal-caller is accumulating some bad habits that weren't evident at Alabama, which is down to an inept offensive scheme, insufficient coaching, porous protection, and pass-catchers that have no capabilities when it comes to getting open consistently.

Switching play-callers again sends out the wrong message to everyone, Young included. The offense isn't going to change, but the visible excitement the Heisman Trophy winner portrayed when Thomas Brown assumed responsibilities was long gone during his press availability on Wednesday.

We get it, Young should be doing better. There will also come a time when the quarterback needs to elevate those around him much better than he's doing right now.

But what signal-caller would thrive in these conditions? Very few - if any - is the only answer.