4 important takeaways as Carolina Panthers turn the page on Week 8 triumph

There was a lot to unpack...
Eddy Pineiro and Johnny Hekker
Eddy Pineiro and Johnny Hekker / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers have a platform to build

It feels good to finally be writing an article about a win this season. I’m a fan of the team first and foremost - nothing irks me more than having to come and write about another depressing loss where the team gives up 40 points.   

While this was by no means a perfect performance, we saw flashes of what the Carolina Panthers could do. A defense still decimated by injury held a dynamic offense to just 13 points. While offensively it still was far from perfect, we witnessed some good play-calling from Thomas Brown.

Fans also saw growth from the likes of Jonathon Mingo, who bounced back from an early drop to put in his best performance as a pro. When the offense needed to string plays together, we saw a rookie who spent the game running for his life put together a 15-play, 86-yard drive to ice the game.  

Shoutout to Eddy Piniero, as well. Despite the nefarious antics of Tavierre Thomas, who jumped offside three times in a row to try and disrupt, the kicker stayed composed and hit the walk-off winner.

And in the words of Pineiro himself “hopefully they have a safe flight back to Houston”.   

It was great to see the post-game energy as the Panthers secured a vital first win of what has so far been a tough season. Bryce Young was understandably hyped after his first NFL win, and seeing Frank Reich get emotional giving the game ball to Brown will tug on the heartstrings of even the most hardened of Panther fans.

With a platform to build and some winnable games on the horizon, let’s hope the team can kick on.