4 lingering observations from Carolina Panthers loss at Seahawks in Week 3

Another game, another failure...

Andy Dalton
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Carolina Panthers QB Andy Dalton's still got it

In Week 3, Andy Dalton - a 13-year veteran out of TCU - was asked to step up due to Bryce Young's unfortunate injury in Week 2 against the New Orleans Saints. While the Carolina Panthers missed the rookie greatly, it was a valuable learning experience for him as his backup skillfully led the offense in a challenging environment.

I want to acknowledge the impressive performance of the experienced quarterback, who brought positivity to the team. Despite the running game faltering, Dalton rose to the occasion by completing 34 passes out of 58 attempts for 361 yards and two touchdowns.

Much like Adam Thielen, he is owed a genuine apology for thinking he can't play anymore. Dalton showed more than enough to suggest he could still start somewhere.

It's still being determined whether Dalton will play in Week 4 against the Minnesota Vikings. However, if he is selected to play for the Panthers, they can trust that they are in good hands as Young recovers.

Notably, the offense flowed better with Dalton as we saw some deep ball opportunities, which were rare in the first two weeks. Additionally, he made some timely throws in critical moments.

The former second-round selection must continue being a leader and mentor in this young locker room. whether he's on the field this weekend or not.