4 lingering observations from Carolina Panthers loss at Seahawks in Week 3

Another game, another failure...

Andy Dalton
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Carolina Panthers have a RB problem

At the start of the season, the Carolina Panthers acquired veteran running back Miles Sanders. The new regime also kept Chuba Hubbard and Raheem Blackshear on the team.

Recently, the running back position has not been producing any significant results. This is becoming increasingly evident week by week.

During Sunday's game, the Panthers only managed to rush for 44 yards. It's worth noting that 35-year-old Andy Dalton was the second-highest rusher on the team, with just 11 yards gained.

Overall, it was a disappointing performance.

Although the offensive line is doing Carolina no favors, Sanders has shown no signs of life within his legs. He's also failed to provide any ball carrier vision to make anything happen when a hole closes.

Despite the protection's challenges, Sanders is finding it difficult to find his groove. He is undoubtedly a skilled athlete, but recently, the concerns have been there for all to see.

It remains to be seen how Sanders will continue to perform in the coming weeks and months. But his lack of agility and foresight could be a challenge for the Panthers moving forward.

It seems like the running back room needs to do its job more effectively, but the coaching staff must not be excused, too. It makes no sense for the team only to run the ball 14 times, as this puts unnecessary pressure on the offense to throw the ball - especially when the offensive line has been struggling.

Additionally, it's concerning that Hubbard and Blackshear's numbers have been called less often. Unfortunately, we don't understand what the team is doing, as Frank Reich's vague press conferences lack transparency.