4 main catalysts behind Carolina Panthers' demise in Week 9 vs. Colts

Carolina has no one to blame but themselves...

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers OL couldn't protect Bryce Young

The common issue every week has been the shaky at best offensive line. They once again did a poor job protecting rookie quarterback Bryce Young to condemn the Carolina Panthers to another disappointing loss in front of their ever-dwindling fanbase at Bank of America Stadium.

Multiple rushers got to Young several times, the pocket collapsed early in progressions on multiple occasions, and four sacks were allowed. The signal-caller wasn't without blame - we'll get to that shortly - but the former Alabama star is not exactly in the best position to thrive behind such porous protection.

This poor play almost from start to finish led to Young rushing his passing progressions and limiting the Panthers' offense to dinking and dunking the ball. That was never going to get the job done once they fell behind.

Interim head coach Steve Wilks and his staff got the most out of everyone on the roster last season. That rang most true for the offensive line, which is a stark contrast to that group this season.

This is an indictment on Frank Reich and his offensive assistants. Especially considering the personnel has stayed mostly the same barring one major injury to left guard Brady Christensen.

While protection was and still is an issue, there were three moments in the contest that took away any chance of the Panthers winning.