4 main catalysts behind Carolina Panthers' demise in Week 9 vs. Colts

Carolina has no one to blame but themselves...

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers gave away turnovers

The rookie quarterback looked like a rookie on Sunday. And Bryce Young's two pick-sixes cost the Carolina Panthers.

A rough first season for Young looked to be on the rise after a good performance against No. 2 pick C.J. Stroud and the Houston Texans. This was short-lived, especially considering the all-time performance Stroud put together against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the same day where the player taken first threw three interceptions.

The first pick-six was a rushed read. No one was seemingly open on the play, but Young forced the ball to a blanketed Chuba Hubbard in the flat after barely looking through his progression. Kenny Moore made a good play and returned the mistake for a touchdown.

The second pick-six was flat-out bad. A well-designed screen pass to Miles Sanders was set up to be a big play, but Young sailed the pass over his target right to Moore once again.

Young's third pick was a forced, underthrown pass to Hayden Hurst in tight coverage. The worst part was he had Hubbard open for solid yardage on a check down, and a good throw to Jonathan Mingo down the sideline for a potentially big play.

Rookie quarterbacks struggle off and on. While the support on offense from the coaches, offensive line, and wide receivers is lacking, good quarterbacks elevate the team around them. Young has not shown the ability to do that just yet.

The pressure is on Young to show consistent quality, especially with Stroud currently playing like an NFL MVP candidate. While it is way too early to make judgments on either player, it's hard not to look at the Ohio State product's set-up with a sense of envy.

All hope is not lost for Young and his future in Carolina, but he must be better than this moving forward.