4 major Carolina Panthers 2023 offseason moves nobody is talking about

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Which major moves made by the Carolina Panthers haven't been spoken about nearly enough during a fascinating 2023 offseason so far?

The Carolina Panthers have navigated through a franchise-altering off-season period in impression fashion so far. It's just a start on their road to potential redemption, but fans couldn't have hoped for much more following such turbulent times in the years following their Super Bowl appearance. 

David Tepper has set about restoring faith in his ownership, shelling out substantial financial resources to bring the best possible coaches into the fold. In turn, this has enabled the Panthers to become a more attractive destination for veterans on the free-agent market despite some receiving offers from elsewhere. 

Couple this with their trade up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft, and something special could be in Carolina's future. However, those in power cannot sit back and let things happen - they must continue being aggressive in their relentless pursuit of genuine progress. 

Without further ado, here are four major offseason moves by the Panthers that aren't getting talked about nearly enough in 2023. 

Offseason Move No. 1

Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers re-signed Eddy Pineiro

Just when it seemed as if the Carolina Panthers might be done with Eddy Pineiro, the kicker got a new deal that surprised him and Zane Gonzalez, who was scheduled for release before the San Francisco 49ers came in with a last-minute trade. This came out of the blue but could have huge ramifications on the team's overall fortunes in 2023 for good or bad. 

Pineiro was lights out aside from his critical mistakes at the Atlanta Falcons last season. One could say the same for Gonzalez in 2021 before a cruel preseason injury prevented any further momentum, so it was no doubt a tough decision for the Panthers that could have gone either way.

The presence of Chris Tabor is something that cannot be overlooked in this scenario. He's worked with Pineiro before with the Chicago Bears and saw enough in the veteran to convince those in power he's worthy of an extended stay.