4 major positives from the Carolina Panthers 2024 offseason so far

It's been a busy few months...

David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper's back seat

One of the biggest complications behind the Carolina Panthers' demise centers on David Tepper's involvement. The billionaire owner meddled almost constantly in everything to do with the football operation. He quickly found out that being a savvy businessman doesn't necessarily translate to molding a competitive NFL franchise.

The Panthers have gone through a rapid decline under his ownership. Last season was the worst of all, with Tepper embroiled in further disgrace after he threw a drink over fans during another woeful loss at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Something needed to be done. When Dan Morgan and Dave Canales were appointed to their respective positions, the hedge fund manager seemed to indicate he'd be taking a back seat at long last.

It's a small sample size, but that seems to be coming true. Tepper has been an innocent bystander during the team's roster makeover this offseason. His opinion will be sought on the big calls behind the scenes, but nothing like what we've witnessed since he purchased the Panthers from Jerry Richardson.

Of course, we'll find out more about Tepper's involvement during the draft. He's always been front and center - sitting between the head coach and general manager - throughout previous selection processes. If he's in the background this time around, it's another major positive.

Letting the football people make football decisions is the only way Carolina's predicament is going to change. Perhaps it took a two-win season and giving up the No. 1 pick in 2024 for Tepper to finally realize this, but he got there in the end.