4 moves the Carolina Panthers can make to help Bryce Young's development

It has been a torrid rookie season for the number 1 pick.

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers could sit Bryce Young

It’s very quickly getting to the point where continuing to put Bryce Young out on the field every Sunday is likely doing him more harm than good. Before the season I was very firmly in the camp of needing to keep him in the lineup throughout the ups and downs that come with a rookie quarterback in the NFL.

Heading into Week 15, that has changed drastically.

The season is lost. They will likely gift the Chicago Bears the No. 1 overall pick and the vast majority of this offensive coaching staff will be out of town after the season.

The Carolina Panthers must now start looking to the future. For his well-being, it may be wise to sit Young.

As things stand, Andy Dalton arguably gives the Panthers the best chance to win. Inserting the veteran into the lineup and sitting Young may in the long term be a positive for the player moving forward.

The mistakes Young is making weekly are a sign the situation around him is having an adverse effect. Whether you support the signal-caller or not, everyone can agree with that.

We’ve seen enough flashes from Young this season to see there's a player in there somewhere. However, the Panthers must now move to protect the potential future of the franchise. Benching him for the rest of the season may do just that.