4 New Year's Resolutions for the Carolina Panthers in 2024

The Carolina Panthers seriously need to enact a plethora of changes in the next calendar year.

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers must become a competent franchise

When was the last time the Carolina Panthers truly were a competent, respectable NFL team? It's been years. This should be the main, overarching goal for the team in 2024.

It might be nearly impossible for this to happen under the ownership of David Tepper. But if Bryce Young is the quarterback of the future and the team can get their next head coach right, the Panthers will be fine.

Tepper is largely an awful, inept owner. Ownership only has so much impact on the on-field product. Young taking a leap in Year 2 and making the correct head coaching hire is going to turn this franchise around quickly.

In the NFL, success can be pretty subjective. Success for a team like the San Francisco 49ers is probably a Super Bowl championship. Others like the Panthers have fewer expectations on their shoulders.

Success for the Panthers in 2024 might look like an encouraging year with tangible progress from Young. Perhaps five-to-seven wins could also be viewed as a step in the right direction if other factors demonstrate growth.

No one is expecting the Panthers to become a playoff contender in 2024. That is simply unrealistic in my eyes, but there are clear pieces of this franchise to build around. Although that might not mean finishing with a winning record.

Overall, the main goal of the Panthers in 2024 should be to find themselves at a level of competency they have not had since Tepper took over.